Financial Planning Process

To help ensure you have a higher probability of reaching your financial goals, AG Financial follows a simple, yet comprehensive "needs-based" financial planning process that involves:

  1. Gathering Information
  2. Analyzing and Diagnosing
  3. Proposing Appropriate Solutions
  4. Implementing Appropriate Action Steps
  5. Ongoing Monitoring

AG Financial begins the Financial Planning Process by identifying your specific financial objectives. To do this, we gather your personal financial information needed to help us understand your current financial picture and goals. Next, we analyze the information gathered and process a comprehensive financial plan based on your needs. This financial plan will help provide the answers to the concerns all of us have about wealth and retirement. From there, we will design a prudent strategy dictated by your financial needs using principles in Modern Portfolio Theory/Mean Variance Optimization Methodology. We will then implement your investment allocation and monitor your progress each year.